Colonial Small Craft

Subclass Ship Name Source Official
Business Jet Phoenix Bibliography Yes
Fighter Anubis Internet No
Fighter Asp Mk-I Bibliography No
Fighter Asp Mk-II Internet - "Gideon" No
Fighter Auto Gyro Bibliography Yes
Fighter Blackbird "Laura" Bibliography Yes
Fighter Cobra Mk-I Bibliography No
Fighter Cobra Mk-II Internet - "Gideon" No
Fighter Cobra Mk-III Internet - "Warrior" No
Fighter Golden Eagle Mk-I Internet - Raymond Anders No
Fighter Momba Mk-I Internet - "Gideon" No
Fighter Scarlet Viper Bibliography No
Fighter Scorpion Mk-I Bibliography Yes
Fighter Scorpion Mk-II Bibliography No
Fighter Stealthstar Bibliography Yes
Fighter Viper (Early) Bibliography Yes
Fighter Viper (Jet) Bibliography Yes
Fighter Viper Mk-0 Internet - "Dark Moon Spirit" No
Fighter Viper Mk-I Prototype 1 Bibliography No
Fighter Viper Mk-I Prototype 2 Bibliography No
Fighter Viper Mk-I Bibliography Yes
Fighter Viper Mk-I-a Internet - "Dark Moon Spirit" No
Fighter Viper Mk-I-b Internet - "Dark Moon Spirit" No
Fighter Viper Mk-IA Bibliography Yes
Fighter Viper Mk-II Bibliography Yes
Fighter Viper Mk-III Bibliography Yes
Fighter Viper Mk-IV Bibliography No
Fighter Viper Mk-VII Bibliography Yes
Ground Transport Landram Bibliography Yes
Intelligence Trawler Mount Olympus Internet - Wolf Shipyards - Tinman & David "CanisD" Briedis No
Interceptor Asp Internet - "Gideon" No
Shuttle Raptor Bibliography Yes
Shuttle Heavy Raptor Bibliography Yes
Shuttle Shuttle Mk-I Bibliography Yes
Shuttle Shuttle Mk-II Bibliography Yes
Troop Transport Blackhawk Bibliography Yes
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