Gamilon/Garumman Small Craft

Subclass Ship Name Source Official
Bomber, Attack Viper Bibliography Yes
Bomber, Dive Striker Bibliography Yes
Bomber, Heavy Attack Drill Bibliography Yes
Bomber, Torpedo Ramhead Bibliography Yes
Bomber, Torpedo Ramhead II Bibliography Yes
Fighter, Long Range Sparrow Bibliography Yes
Fighter, Reconnaisance Spy Bibliography Yes
Fighter, Strategic Reconnaisance Prowler Bibliography Yes
Fighter, Strike Destructor Bibliography Yes
Fighter, Strike Flying Wing Bibliography Yes
Fighter, Superiority Arrowlet Bibliography Yes
Fighter, Superiority Arrowlet II Bibliography Yes
High-Speed Reconnaisance Craft Seeker Bibliography Yes
Missile Ultra-Menace Bibliography Yes
Personal Vehicle Gamilon Bibliography Yes
Shuttle Charioteer Bibliography Yes
Station Electromagnetic Field Generator Bibliography Yes
Submarine Attack Craft Type I Bibliography Yes
Found 18 matching vessels in the database.
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