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On with the FAQ:

Q. Exactly how many starship designs do you currently have?
A. Currently, I have ships for the following groups:

EarthForce - 12
Minbari Federation - 6
Centauri Republic - 0
Narn Regime - 1
League of Non-Aligned Worlds - 1
Vorlon Empire - 3
Shadows - 3
TOTAL - 26

Q. Where did the names come from on these vessels?
A. Most of the names were taken from what I've seen of the movies and videos. Others came from the Babylon Five Security Manual, the TV Show and other web pages out there.

Q. Do you have deck plans, specifications, or close-ups of the bridges of each ship?
A. No. The only things I have in this database are general outboard designs. Nothing specific such as bridge or deck layout. I had long considered including some specifications for each ship in the database, but decided against it, as it would have required too much extra research (which I, quite frankly, don't have the time to do).

Q. What is your definition of "Official"?
A. Generally speaking, I consider "Official" to be any ship mentioned or, more especially, physically appearing in a Babylon Five episode or movie.

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